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"Plugging into the Power Within" Maryland:

"Your presentation was such a POWER PUNCH!! It provided the thought of forever being a victim of HOPE!! I hope you'll let us know when you are in the area again."

~ Oris H

"I must say that after meeting you I will continue to stay encouraged & most of all Pumped Up! I was a little scared at first to even go to any of the MS events. I didn't want my spirits to be brought down. I consider myself a great motivator for me. I continue to stay uplifted & inspired & dare anything or anyone negative to try to tear me down. It's wonderful to see another strong female happy & motivated. I have to say hearing someone else so motivating gives me the fuel I need to go on. Please whatever you do just keep smiling & stay happy!!"

~ Tonya D.

"This seminar gave me back my optimism, yippee! Thank you.

(After this seminar) I did come away more uplifted and thinking more positive concerning my situation. I did walk away with a smile and I think I will be a more positive influence around my family. Thank you.

She was wonderful. Maria C. Lesetz is truly a wonderful Motivational Speaker.

You are a wonderful speaker and more people should hear you. Please have more Women Empowerment Seminars here in Maryland."

MS Women's Day
"Stimulate Your Mind and Pamper Your Body"

"This is a fabulous event. Well organized, desirable location, great guest speaker(s), especially Maria (WOW!)

Maria Lesetz was a great Motivational Speaker

I loved the Motivational Speaker (Maria Lesetz)!

After your keynote speech, you inspired me to write the following sentence: "Life may not be the party I had hoped for, but in the meantime, I'm still dancing!"

Maria's Lovin' Life CD's Testimonials

"This "MS… Just A Bump in the Road" CD is better than any medicine out there on the market! I think everybody with MS should have this CD!

I listen to "MS… Just A Bump In the Road" EVERY DAY! It gets me started if I am having a down day (or not) - it really boosts me!

This MS CD is the best (motivational/self-help) product that I have found on the market to keep me on track, while living with MS!

Maria, your energy and what you give is such a God send! I can't thank you enough!"

~Sheila A.

"This is an excellent CD. Thank you so much. When I listened to it, I really needed your words of encouragement and your energy. I am going through a rough period in my business and personal life, and your CD gave me an extra boost to keep moving forward."

~ Richard D.

“You have to have these CD’s! Maria is the real deal – She’s lived it, she knows what it means to maintain your internal spirit and energy while facing challenges. She is impressive. When you hear her speak, you will be moved. You will be moved to take action to turn your life around.

Get these CD’s. Listen to them over and over again .”

~ Terri Levine, CEO,


“WOW! Maria has done it. She’s brought together such a wealth of knowledge and insight into surviving and thriving! You owe it to yourself to have this CD series. It will change your outlook and experience. You will feel like so many others have said, ‘I want what Maria has!’"

~ Leah Jackman-Wheitner, Ph.D.,
author of Achieve Success Business Systems™

"MS … Just A Bump In the Road" Newsletter

"Maria, Thank you for this Newsletter, it has helped me a lot today. I am trying to focus on the positives in a day. Life is too short to not focus on the good stuff in life. Sure there will be ups and downs but realizing that when we are down there will always be an up on its way, gets me through the day. Thank you again!"

~ Paula S.

"Thank you, Maria. I ALWAYS look forward to your MS … Just A Bump In the Road Newsletter!

Thanks so much for 'kickin' me in the hinnie', I so needed to reprioritize and remember if Mama ain't happy …!

It's so fun to get your Newsletters and know that we share the same attitude and spirit. We with MS rock to our own world & music and if we are in tune we do it well. Thank you, Maria."

~ Deena M.

"Your Newsletters really do help motivate me much. Thanks for all you do and I look forward to 2006 and receiving your Newsletters."

~ Ann F.

"Maria, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your informative and uplifting e-mail Newsletters. I do not have MS but as a Complementary Therapist here in the UK, I am using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help people to live fuller lives, despite their illness, so I joined your list to know more about the problems people face, here's to making the world a better place for everyone!"

~ Kim H.

"Thank you for your Newsletters and your coaching. I think you have got some terrific ideas. I have tucked most of them into a special e-mail file for me to re-read as I deal with a new "bump in the road" of my life. Thank you, Maria. I have recommended you to others who could benefit greatly from your services."

~ Sharon M.

"Maria, thank you so much for your encouraging thoughts and writings! They are so uplifting."

~ Bill R.

"Maria, I look forward to your quotes each week! It is like you understand just what I am going through without you actually knowing the facts of my life. This last week I have really been focusing on my dreams and imagining the future. I truly believe that your dreams can become reality with enough faith, prayer and diligence. All things are possible if you believe. Thanks for the continued support God bless."

~ Paula G.

"Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have to tell you that during this Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for you. You have given me so much encouragement. I just love starting out the week with your inspirations. Thank you."

~ Shelby G.

"Depression Relief: Maria, thank you so much for your uplifting messages. You make a difference in many lives, and that, I think, is a wonderful way to relieve depression in any life. Maria, you know as well or better than I, how good it feels to feel needed and to feel that we ourselves are doing something good for someone else. I know this cannot always be a complete cure for depression, but it sure does help me, and I actually try to make that "difference" for someone each and every day. Your program and positive attitude are exactly what I think all of us need to practice ever day, regardless of our challenges. Love and God Bless."

~ Bill R.

"Thank you for your morning message reminding me to focus on the positive - to focus on what will make me feel better. I finally realized that I was focusing too much on what I can't do instead of what I can do. I also realized that I wasn't taking as good care of myself as I could which would make me feel better about myself. So your message was a good reminder to myself to start off my day by being positive so I can be a better mother and a better wife! Thank you. I will look forward to more from your "MS … Just A Bump In the Road" Newsletter! Creating a better day and week for myself!"

~ Yvette S.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Newsletters. They really do help. I admire all that you do and how positive you stay. I picture you the way you were at the MS Speaking Event where I met you. It's like you're talking just to me. This has been an especially hard time for me … but your positive thoughts help to keep me going. What a blessing you are in my life. Thanks so much. Much love and appreciation."

~ Tukey S.

"Thank you for the positive e-mails. I find your MS … Just a Bump In the Road Newsletter very uplifting and enjoy reading it and look forward to it each week. There needs to be more positive in this world and you are doing a good job trying to promote that. Please continue sending your wonderful Newsletter. Thank you."

~ Heather C.

"Thank you, you are the greatest. I think your Newsletters have helped me a lot to get on my way out of this depression."

~ S.G.

"Life Empowerment Consulting Services"

Testimonials on Maria Lesetz as a Life Coach

"Thank you again for the Empowerment Consultation. I am committed to doing the exercises you recommended and appreciate the book recommendations. You are very gifted and I appreciate you sharing your gifts with me as well as the rest of the MS crowd. Thanks again for all you do."

~ Debbie B.

"I 'take a bow' in gratitude to one of my finest coaches in life, Coach Maria. Thank you so much, Maria, for all of your encouragement and inspiration."

~ Lori M.

"As a result of coaching with Maria Lesetz, my whole life has shifted by how I look at my personal & business life now. Everyday and everything that is involved is a gift of learning and growth. I have reduced my stress level amazingly. I have become much more conscious of how my MS is affected by my stress. The months that I spent coaching with Maria Lesetz were invaluable and will be forever remembered as a turning point in my life. I cannot thank you enough, Maria for helping me accomplish my goals as well as showing me that despite my "Bump in the Road," I can continue to live a full and rewarding life!"

~ Jeff

"I can't thank you enough for what you have already done for me after one coaching session. I went to my daughter's performance and my Mom said "Well, what put you in such a good mood. We've missed it!" So, thank you again. It was you. I guess all you did was remind me of what I already know, but seemed to forget. Thanks again!"

~ Helen H.

"I have had the benefit of working with Maria as my coach. Maria's expertise has definitely helped me to think through some challenging family situations and respond to them in a more effective way. I look forward to our sessions, knowing that I am going to walk away from each one feeling confident in my abilities and feel empowered. It's up to me to keep that feeling going, but she has given me great tools to work with. I am less likely to respond emotionally and hastily to stressful events, and have learned to ask questions to gather more information before I respond. I think Maria's coaching services would be of invaluable help for anyone, especially those with Multiple Sclerosis (or any other health challenge). I too have MS, and Maria has helped me to lighten the load of each day, easing the journey. I would highly recommend her as a coach, a resource, a positive light along the path. Thank you, Maria!"

~ Sue K.

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