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“I’m a LEAN, MEAN HEALIN’ machine!”

"Every little cell in my body is HEALTHY!"
...Every little cell in my body is WELL!"

(My daily affirmations)

From the day I came into this world during one of the worst winter storms in January, I have been determined and driven to show up when I wanted to and on my own terms. Nobody else was ready for me … but I sure WAS READY (at 5:45 AM)!

MANY people have told me that MY ENERGY is CONTAGIOUS! People who have heard me speak ask me if I can just “bottle up my energy” and give it to them. When I think of a way to literally put my energy in a bottle, believe me, you will be the first to know.

Maria Lesetz's Energy Is Finally Bottled!

Meanwhile, I spread my abundant energy by doing Motivational Speaking, across the country and conducting teleconferences, live workshops and Life Empowerment Consulting. I am passionate about motivating others to live a rich and fulfilling life. I want to inspire people to take charge of their lives and experience how great life can be when you live in the present moment. I want people to “get” that life is short and that we have a choice on how we spend every minute of it. I believe that we all have the capability to “defy the odds” and do ANYTHING we set our hearts and mind to do. I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life and I want to spread the energy, passion and joy I have with you so that you too, can experience happiness in your life.

Here’s a little background on how I got to the point in life where I am today:

  • I am a Statistician and a Singer.
  • I have a BA in Math and a MA in Statistics.
  • I was a statistician in the corporate world for 14 years working with scientists, engineers and market researchers - training, mentoring, presenting and bringing “statistics” to life in the corporate world. People actually understood & enjoyed statistics after working with me. (Imagine that … understanding and ENJOYING statistics!)
  • I left my first job in Boston to relocate to New Jersey for a wonderful job opportunity. With change, came more change! The move and new job sparked something in me to finally make a decision to lose weight and get fit… permanently! Even though I always appeared confident and driven to others, my weight definitely bothered me (it was a constant toleration that I thought about on a daily basis). I lost 70 pounds and kept it off! With a greater level of confidence and determination, I took my career to new heights, building my reputation as a corporate statistician, teacher/trainer and a leader!

After almost 10 years with the same company, I decided that it was time for another change and a more challenging position. I left the company where I was “comfortable at” and “highly respected” and went to another company which stretched and developed my expertise, patience and corporate savvy ways!

During the 4 years I worked at this new company, I started to dream about starting my own business. I even designed a logo that I would use for my own company and kept it in my desk drawer. Every time I would have a challenging day at work, I would open up this drawer and say “one day” (I would stop and visualize what my OWN company would look and feel like)!

Years later, one late Friday afternoon, my boss told me that “being unhappy at work was JUST PART OF LIFE” and that I was going to have to put up with it. Something clicked, something changed and my thoughts went to a new and different place. Inside I was saying, “OH NO, nobody is going to tell me that I have to be unhappy – I am at choice and I have HAD ENOUGH. I am quitting on Monday!”

That Monday came and I quit… I was done with the corporate world. I left that day with my professional demeanor and head up high. An elephant was lifted off my back! The stress was gone. I felt like a new woman. A new beginning…

I started my own Statistical Consulting Business (the business that I was dreaming about during the previous 4 years!).

One day, I was in a supermarket, telling a woman that I just started my own company. She told me that I should hire a Career Coach. I said “A WHAT?” She said “a Career Coach, someone that could assist you with making a smooth transition from the corporate world to becoming a successful entrepreneur.” Once I started working with the career coach, I discovered a new career that I was passionate about…“Coaching”. As a statistician, I help corporations improve their products; as a coach, I would help people improve their lives. This was the bigger picture for me! Helping an individual enrich their life was far more purposeful than helping a company make a better beverage or fabric softener! So, I decided to get professionally trained as a Coach thru Coach U and pursue a coaching career (while simultaneously running my statistical consulting business).

Then, life threw me a curve ball. Approximately 1.5 years into starting my own business, I woke up one night (around midnight) and felt the entire right side of my body in pins and needles and numb (from head to toe… including inside my mouth) – talk about the scare of my life! I had no idea what the heck was happening… I just knew that something was wrong – this feeling was not normal.

After many tests and multiple expert opinions, the first neurologist I went to told me that it was one of three things: Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme’s Disease or Vasculitis. After seeing the results of the MRI, my doctor told me “the good news is you have Multiple Sclerosis”. Good news? The doctor indicated to me that compared to the alternatives, Multiple Sclerosis was not so bad. He also told me that “it may not seem this way now, but this will become JUST A BUMP IN THE ROAD!” That phrase just stuck with me and was the inspiration for the slogan and name of this website. I am on a mission to spread that message across the world that MS can be “JUST A BUMP IN THE ROAD!” Can you see me in a big bus with that slogan on it, traveling across the country, motivating millions of people? I CAN!

MS Just A Bump In The Road
Of course, this will be one of those big luxurious touring buses!

My neurologist gave me lots of information to research so that I could educate myself on the disease. Being a statistician, research was a necessity! I wanted DATA! I contacted all the drug companies and asked to see the results of all the clinical trials. I researched AT MY OWN PACE. I took the time to absorb all the information that I was reading.

Then a light bulb went off in my head. Maybe this was a blessing. Maybe there was a reason why this happened to me at this point in time. Maybe I was meant to use my coaching expertise to motivate and inspire others with Multiple Sclerosis to live a rich and fulfilling life. I knew that my professional training as a Coach helped me to handle the diagnosis of the disease better than I ever would have prior to becoming a coach. Sure, when I got home after first hearing the words Multiple Sclerosis, I cried and felt that feeling of “Now what?” But then I remembered everything I had learned through my training as a coach and I realized that I had two choices: I could take the diagnosis of this disease as a devastating event that would change my life for the worse OR I could look at this diagnosis as a growth experience and a challenge that would only make me stronger and take me to a place in life that I never even dreamed about. As a result of this diagnosis, I have become more light-hearted and I enjoy life even more than before. I realize now that anything can happen to anyone at any time – so why not enjoy life now and live it to its fullest?

This was one of my lessons from being diagnosed with MS: Don’t wait to experience all the joy you possibly can from life. Do whatever it takes to further enrich your life… NOW!

How am I living life to it’s fullest… NOW?

  • Around the end of 2003, I started to have a VERY STRONG gut feeling that where I was living (New Jersey) was not where I really wanted to be.
  • A little voice inside of me was saying “You MUST move to the West Coast”!
  • In March 2004, I decided to take a Cross Country Road Trip for 35 days – exploring 14 different states and making the final decision as to where exactly I was going to relocate to. Even though I was on a mission, I also took the time to enjoy a wonderful Cross Country Journey… an experience I will never forget!
  • I love mountains and water. I love being around friendly people. I love being in a stress-free, laid-back environment.
  • I returned from my Cross Country Road Trip and compiled all the data (you can’t take the statistician out of the girl!)
  • Within a few months, my condo was up for sale and by October 2004 I was on the West Coast.
  • OREGON is my new home state!


May my story be an inspiration to you. Follow your intuition… throw caution to the wind and live life with passion. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! You CAN have a rich and fulfilling life, even with the diagnosis of MS.

Multiple Sclerosis does not define who I am. It is just another life challenge that is bringing out the magic of who I really am inside and what I have to offer the world.

I want it to do the same for YOU!

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