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Looking for a Dynamic Speaker for your Next MS Event?

Someone who will inspire, empower and motivate your audience
beyond your wildest dreams!

A speaker who is told after every keynote and radio show she does that her ENERGY and positive attitude towards life is “off the charts” contagious?

Well, look no further!

Maria Lesetz is a bundle of energy and spreads her positive attitude to all her audiences!   Her goal … to make each and every individual in her audience feel exhilarated , full of life, and empowered to take inspired actions to change their life to exactly the way they want it to be so that they are  . . .  Lovin’ Life beyond their wildest dreams!

San Jose Event

Speaking & inspiring others is my passion!

I love to motivate other people diagnosed with MS and make a positive difference in their lives by sharing with them my energy, my message and my zest for life!  If I can live a rich & fulfilling life after the diagnosis of MS, then they can too! 

I want everyone I interact with to know that the diagnosis of MS or any other health condition can be just another “bump in the road” of life!  The state of your overall health & well-being is in your hands.  You DO have control over your health!  And I will show you HOW!

Testimonials from
"Plugging into the Power Within"

(Motivational Speaking Event for people diagnosed with MS)

"Your presentation was such a POWER PUNCH!! It provided the thought of forever being a victim of HOPE!! I hope you'll let us know when you are in the area again." ~ Oris H.

"I must say that after meeting you I will continue to stay encouraged & most of all Pumped Up, despite the diagnosis of MS! I was a little scared at first to even go to any of the MS events. I didn't want my spirits to be brought down. It's wonderful to hear a powerful woman like yourself, who has been diagnosed with MS, so happy & motivated! Hearing you today gave me the fuel I need to go on. Please whatever you do just keep smiling & stay happy!" ~ Tonya D.

"This seminar gave me back my optimism, yippee! Thank you."

"After this event, I feel more uplifted and am now thinking more positive about the diagnosis of MS. I am walking away with a smile and I think I will be a more positive influence around my family. Thank you."

"You are a wonderful speaker and more people should hear you. Please have more MS Women Empowerment Seminars in our area. This MS event Rocked!"


If you are from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and would like to book Maria Lesetz for your next event, please fill out the Speaker Request Form here: and Maria will be in touch with you soon.

“The next time you get nervous about others’ opinions,
look them mentally in the eye and say
“What you think of me is none of my business.”
– Terry Cole Whitaker

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