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Inspirational Stories of people living with MS
and other Chronic Health Conditions:

How they are living their life to its fullest,
despite the diagnosis of a disease!

I am sharing the following inspirational stories with you about people who are living with a health challenge because I want you to know that if other people can live a great life and be positive in the face of adversity, YOU CAN TOO!

Clay Walker (Country Music Singer): Band Against MS™
The fight to find a cure for MS gained a new ally in 2003. Multi-platinum country music sensation Clay Walker, who was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) in 1996, stepped forward to form the Band Against MS™ Foundation to raise money for MS research and programs, as well as raise awareness about the disease. Check out Clay’s website loaded with Information and Inspiration. He is living proof that you can still do what you love while living with MS. He is a wonderful advocate for all of us who have MS and is on a mission to find the cure and educate the MS community (and if you have heard Clay Walker speak, like Maria Lesetz has, you know that he is charming, sweet, compassionate and has a heart of gold!)

Clay Walker and Maria Lesetz
Clay Walker and Maria Lesetz

Teri Garr:
One of Hollywood's most versatile, energetic, and well-recognized actresses, has brought national attention to the MS cause since her very public announcement in 2002 of her confirmed diagnosis of MS. She is determined to continue her career as an actress and has made the decision to devote herself to educating the public about both the challenges of life with MS and the many new breakthroughs available in treating the disease.

The above stories are just a few examples of the people who have MS and are moving forward with their life, sharing their passion and living their dreams. If you have an inspirational story of how you or someone you know is living with MS and turning the adversity into opportunity and passion, please share your story with Maria Lesetz (contact her at:


The following people’s stories have further inspired Maria Lesetz to live life to its fullest and be grateful for all the blessings she has in her life. These are AMAZING stories of the HUMAN SPIRIT and WILL & COURAGE to not let ANYTHING stand in the way of living life to the fullest!

Maria Lesetz wants you to read these stories and take away the message that YOU CAN DO & ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE, NO MATTER WHAT CHALLENGE YOU ARE FACING …Anything is Possible!

Michael J. Fox:
During the period of time where Maria Lesetz was anxiously waiting to hear back from the doctors and find out what caused the symptoms she had of numbness and “pins & needles” on her entire right side of her body, there were a few nights where she could not sleep. Maria Lesetz turned to Michael J. Fox’s book called “Lucky Man”. Reading about Michael J. Fox’s life story and experience with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease was inspirational to Maria Lesetz. “This book got me through a difficult waiting period and helped me to see how I could learn more about myself during this challenging time and find the blessings and positives of the health challenge, no matter what it turned out to be.”

Kyle Maynard:
Larry King Live had an amazing inspirational person on his show in 2004: Kyle Maynard, born March 24, 1986 with a rare disorder called, "Congenital Amputation." This left Kyle Maynard with only three major joints: a neck and two shoulders. He has no elbows or knees. He measures just over 2 feet tall and weighs approximately 103 pounds. Despite his physical differences, Kyle Maynard is one of the top high school wrestlers in Georgia (35-16), posting a 3-2 record at the 2004 Georgia High School Wrestling Championships and narrowly missing All-American status at the NHSCA National Wrestling Championships.

When Maria Lesetz saw Kyle Maynard on Larry King Live, she was blown away by his amazing attitude and drive to live his passion and share his message! There is a lot we can all learn from Kyle Maynard. He is a true inspiration and living proof that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, if you really want it and have the right attitude!

Lance Armstrong, (one of the world’s best cyclists):
Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor who’s motto is to “Live Strong”. Lance was diagnosed with an aggressive form of testicular cancer. Then, the cancer spread to his lungs and brain. Did this stop him from living life and following his passion? NO! He took an active role in educating himself about his disease and the treatment. Armed with knowledge and confidence in medicine, he underwent aggressive treatment and beat the disease. From 1999-2004, he had back-to-back victories in the Tours de France!

Petra Nemcova, model
Petra Nemcova survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but lost her boyfriend.
(Source: ABC News)

Maria Lesetz saw a special episode of “Primetime Live” with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer which featured an amazing & remarkable survival story of Petra Nemcova, during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Petra Nemcova suffered a shattered pelvis and internal injuries. She was clinging to a palm tree for dear life for nearly eight hours. Her pelvis was broken, which disabled her legs and left her with only the use of her arms. Petra said she felt her bones break many times.

Petra Nemcova looks for meaning in the disaster and has a positive attitude towards life. She has a strong will and is a great inspiration to those who are facing life challenges.

Gloria Estefan
Besides being a huge fan of Gloria Estefan’s music and performances, Maria Lesetz was VERY inspired by the manner in which Gloria Estefan handled a tragedy that occurred in her life back in 1990.

On March 20th 1990, tragedy struck while Gloria Estefan’s group was on their way to a concert in Syracuse. The group's tour bus had a serious accident that resulted in Gloria being airlifted to a hospital for back surgery. The accident had left Gloria unable to walk, let alone deliver the high-energy performances to which her public had become accustomed. She was nearly paralyzed. The doctors indicated that she MIGHT be able to walk again, but he DOUBTED that she would be able to perform. According to one of Gloria Estefan’s fan sites, the doctor told her “it’s all up to you. I have seen recoveries that have nothing to do with medicine, [but] everything to do with the person's spirit and desire to get better." That’s all Gloria Estefan needed to hear, along with the massive support & prayers she received from her fans (and loved ones). She went through some serious physical therapy and intense workout routines, but was always motivated and driven to recover from this tragedy with flying colors! Gloria Estefan had recovered and was DANCING AGAIN with all the passion and intensity she had before. Wow! What an inspiration. You see… ANYTHING is possible!

Melissa Etheridge
In 2005, Melissa Etheridge made a comeback at the Grammy’s after being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through chemotherapy and losing all her hair (Source: MSNBC)

Maria Lesetz feels that Melissa Etheridge’s comeback at the Grammy’s just proves that it is all about passion, doing what you love and not letting anything stop you from going out there and being who you have always been. It’s not about the outer appearance, it’s about the inner beauty and strength of the human spirit. After Melissa’s appearance at the Grammy’s with her bald head and AMAZING, energetic and passion-filled performance, she inspired many people who have been diagnosed with cancer and lost their hair (from chemotherapy) to just live life boldly, courageously & to show up in the world just the way you are (hair or no hair)!

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“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you…
as by the attitude you bring life.”
-John Homer Mills

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