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This website is for Life Coaching Services for people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, helping people with MS to live a rich and fulfilling life and teaching them how to find happiness through adversity!

Please note: If you have come to this website because you have been charged $49.95 on your credit card each month from something called MS Empowerment - that is NOT this company or website. That charge is affiliated with a man name Marshall Sylver (hence MS) who is a hypnotist and has his own website at You need to visit his website and contact their customer support team in order to investigate the charges on your credit card or bank account. I am NOT affiliated with his website in any way, shape or form.

MS Empowerment
Life Coaching for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Teaching you how to stay positive and improve the state of your overall health and well-being!

What if this diagnosis could be treated as just another

Wouldn’t you want to know HOW?

Maria Lesetz, Law of Attraction Coach

I know what it is like to hear those words “You have MS”!

But since that day, I have learned how to stay positive and experience great health, despite the MS diagnosis. Now I can teach YOU how to do the same!

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Being diagnosed with a chronic, unpredictable neurological disease feels like LIFE just threw you a whopper of a curve ball! Thatís the way I felt! You are probably scared, angry, worried and unsure of what to do next. But it does NOT have to feel that way forever! You have the power within you to change how you feel and what comes next.

As your Personal Law of Attraction Health Coach, I will show you how to improve how you feel each day which will positively impact your health!

By partnering with me as you Life Coach, you will:

Learn how to shift your mindset so that you feel much better on a regular basis.
Improve your Energy Level and Reduce fatigue!
Have a more positive attitude towards what is possible for your future!
Reduce Stress -- which will positively impact the state of your physical and emotional health
Feel empowered to pursue your dreams, no matter how big and inconceivable they appear at this moment!

Are you ready to embrace a positive outlook on your future and learn how to
improve your overall state of health and well-being,
despite the diagnosis of MS?

If so, then give Life Coaching a test drive. I can tell you that if it wasn’t for the personal growth and development skills I learned when I went through professional life coach training, I don’t know if I would have dealt with the diagnosis of MS as well as I did.

You DO have control over the state of your overall health!

I believe that the Life Coach skills I learned helped me to embrace the attitude that MS is just a bump in the road and as a result, I have learned how to keep my mindset aligned with wellness and experience great health!

And I am passionate about teaching you how to do the same.

I want this decision to be a no-brainer for you. So, I have customized a few coaching options that are affordable and give you the freedom to select how much coaching support you want at this time. I also work with my coaching clients on a monthly basis, so if you are interested in that option, contact me directly for my monthly fees.

Shortly after you choose the coaching option that feels right to you, you will receive an e-mail from me with my available dates and times.

Number of Coaching Sessions

If you are interested in life coaching and would like to connect with me first, I fully encourage you click here to send me an e-mail or call me on my Lovin' Life Coaching hotline at 541-913-3469! I look forward to helping you pave the way to better health and living a rich and fulfilling life, despite the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

Make sure you sign up for my free monthly Lovin Life e-zine and get valuable tips each month sent to your inbox that will help you to reduce stress, manifest more of what you want in your life and make conscious choices in your life that will help you to feel healthier just a little bit more each day!

Come join me on the
Road Trip to Wellness!

MS Just Another Bump In The Road!

Maria Lesetz
Certified Life Coach, improving the lives of
people diagnosed with MS!

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Maria Lesetz, Certified Life Coach, specializing in Health & Wellness
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